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All Signet Rings AreNot Created Equal

We at RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® are known to make the highest-end signet rings on the market today. Master hand-engravers, at the peak of their profession, use hand graver tools to artistically hand-cut all coats of arms and monograms just as they did in the Middle Ages.

Most all coats of arms on signet rings advertised on the internet are either acid-etched, lasered, or created with CAD-CAM (computer aided design-computer aided manufacture). If you are looking for inexpensive, uninspiring designs with machine-made coats of arms, by all means use these resources. If, however, you desire the best and most innovative works of master hand-engraved heraldic art, give us a call!

As Published on Page 48 of the January/February 2005 Issue of JQ Magazine.

All Signet Rings Are NOT Created Equal!

Signet jewelry, particularly the coat of arms or family crest versions, really hasn't changed all that much since medieval times. However, sophisticated, but tradition-minded consumers have been asking for more advanced heraldic research, innovative and customizable designs, and top-notch master hand engraving. RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS®, known for their best selling, intricately detailed and historically inspired hand sculpted men's line, has met this challenge head on.

As the founder of RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS®, Craig Marinovich, an honors graduate in cultural anthropology from Stanford University, has parlayed his interest in symbolism and the Middle Ages to create the world's most advanced method for selling coat of arms signet jewelry. Their Rampant Lion Coat of Arms System™ boasts research libraries with over 2,000,000 recorded coats of arms for surnames of European ancestry. During office hours (PST), RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® can fax or email a coat of arms to you in minutes - even while your customer is waiting! As a special service, they can also provide an interpretation of the probable heraldic meaning of the colors and symbols in one's family coat of arms, as well as a translation of most heraldic mottos. If RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® is unable to find a recorded coat of arms, they can assist your customer with creating one with their sophisticated and detailed, but easy to use manual, How to Design Your Own Coat of Arms.

RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® has redefined the basic signet ring by making the shanks comfort fit, by adding a hidden rampant lion relief carving as a mark of authenticity, and by personalizing the design with the customer's choice of heraldic appliqués and gemstone or natural gold nugget inlays. With lustrous red, yellow, and white gold alloys in 14 or 18 karat gold or platinum, RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS'® substantial weight signet jewelry screams "built to last generations". The finishing touch is applied by their master hand engravers utilizing the centuries old intaglio method to create detailed and ornate works of art that easily translate to "family heirloom" in any language.

Wearing our family coat of arms jewelry acts as a symbolic connection to our ancestral history, gives us a sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves, and brings honor to our ancestors and family name. RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® marketing program empowers the jeweler to reunite their customer with this ancient tradition through the use of custom French oak displays and medieval props for your showcase, point of purchase sales aids, easy to use fully illustrated catalog, authentic full-color coat of arms parchments (usually with surname history included), store logo imprinted heraldic brochures as handouts or self-mailers, co-op consumer advertising, efficient ordering system, and copyrighted manuals titled How to Design Your Own Coat of Arms and Frequently Asked Questions concerning coats of arms, signet rings, hand engraving, and wax sealing.

A RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® piece of signet jewelry (ring, pendant, or cufflinks) is the perfect gift for all the men in your life and makes you a believer in men's jewelry all over again. RAMPANT LION COLLECTIONS® - setting the standard by which all heraldic jewelry is measured.

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