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Style Selection Guidelines

Q: After you have decided to purchase a piece of jewelry, are there any limitations as to which style to recommend?

A: Please bear in mind that because coats of arms can vary in both complexity and detail, the styling that will work for one coat of arms might not work for another. For example, if your shield has a single large rampant lion, it would be easier to view the enlarged detail than if your shield is divided into quarters with four rampant lions. Our master engraver would deal with this increased detail by subtly increasing the shield size on the signet engraving to enhance the viewer's ability to discern the various heraldic symbols. At the same time, he would reduce the surface area devoted to the mantle engraving.

However, our Agincourt, Falkirk and Bannockburn styles have a cast shield which has a fixed engraveable surface area. If a detailed coat of arms shield is engraved on these shields, the images will be more difficult to see than if a standard signet top style is engraved. In this case, you do have some options:

If you really like the Agincourt or Falkirk styles,

  1. You could choose just one or two of the coat of arms shield symbols to engrave or,
  2. If you have a coat of arms crest, then that image could be engraved, or
  3. You could also review your mother's family coat of arms to see if its shield would be more "Falkirk friendly" or,
  4. The more difficult to see, full shield engraving would none the less be acceptable.

Q: Do all heraldic styles create wax seals?

A: All styles of rings, cufflinks, and pendants will generate wax seals, with the exception of the Agincourt, Falkirk and Bannockburn styles with their cast-in-relief coat of arms parts in which the molten sealing wax usually gets caught.

Q: If you have a very detailed coat of arms shield with a crest and/or wish to engrave your coat of arms motto, what options are there?

A: We have created our large size signets for just such a situation. The larger engraveable surface area (approximately 25% to 35% more) allows for the engraving of a banner with one's motto, and if one's coat of arms is very complex and detailed, the additional surface area can be used to further enlarge detailed heraldic symbols.

Q: Will your coat of arms engraving look exactly like the coat of arms image on your armorial?

Master hand engravers are artists as much as painters or sculptors. Each master will infuse his engraving with his own artistic style. He may use a different, more interesting knight's helmet, or he may enhance and embellish the flourish of the mantle design. However, the shield and its heraldic symbols (which is what is unique to your coat of arms) will be engraved as close as possible to the armorial coat of arms shield image. Please bear in mind that the shield background colors will be engraved with an ancient hatching system that represents the colors, metals, and furs of the shield. This method of engraving heraldic tinctures on the shield is explained in more detail in the "Engraving" portion of the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

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